About DARE

The Delivery Science and Applied Research Program (DARE) provides infrastructure and support to clinician-researchers so that they may conduct impactful research that is efficient and collaborative in design, and produces acceptable and implementable results.   

Delivery Science Grants

Eligible projects must have the support and collaboration of clinical program leaders. Projects are co-led by a TPMG physician and a Division of Research scientist. Grants support projects up to 24 months in length and $250,000 in cost.

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Rapid Analytics Unit

The Rapid Analytics Unit (RAU) collaborates with TPMG physicians on rapid-turnaround projects in high-priority areas. Typical projects take up to 12 months to complete and use only existing data.

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Targeted Analysis Program

The Targeted Analysis Program (TAP) supports projects co-led by a KP Division of Research scientist and a regional clinical/operational leader. Eligible projects must use existing data and be feasible within 6 months with a budget of $36,000 or less.

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Physician Researcher Program

The Physician Researcher Program (PRP) supports a select group of TPMG physicians to devote part of their time to conducting research. This program helps clinical leaders translate their research ideas into studies that improve patient care.

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Specialty Research Networks

Specialty Research Networks connect clinicians within a given specialty, and provide them with additional resources, research partners, and a flow of ideas to help optimize collaboration on fixing shortcomings that they see in their field.

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