Physician Researcher Program

Mission: To cultivate the research that drives evidence-based medicine.

The Physician Researcher Program supports a select group of TPMG clinicians to conduct research that transforms how care is delivered while also continuing to make clinical contributions. 

The Permanente Medical Group seeks to enhance physician opportunities and its learning health care system by providing sustained support for a network of physician delivery science researchers, integrating them into a systematic evaluation of clinical care, and facilitating the dissemination and implementation of the resulting knowledge.  

This program provides long-term professional development and research support for evaluating priority topics to their specialty. 

In November of 2020 the program welcomed its third class comprised of three physician researchers. The inaugural class of six physicians, started in 2017 and a second class of four began in late 2019. These physician researchers are devoting 20 to 40 percent of their time to research projects designed to produce new knowledge that has direct impact on high-priority issues in clinical care. The physician researchers will disseminate and implement the relevant learnings across Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

Ongoing Projects

Extended window for thrombectomy: Have we extended our resources appropriately and effectively?.
Mai Nguyen-Huynh, Alan Go, Bruce Ovbiagele. Neurology. PRP. Ongoing.

HPV self-collection.
Betty Suh-Burgmann. Gynecologic Oncology. PRP. Ongoing.

Immunity and patterns of disease exposure for COVID-19 across Kaiser Permanente Northern California.
Jacek Skarbinski. Infectious Disease. PRP. Ongoing.

Improved selection of BRCA-negative high-risk women for breast MRI screening through validation of IBIS risk model variants.
Vignesh Arasu, Laurel Habel. Radiology. PRP. Ongoing.

Improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs in individuals with Helicobacter pylori infection in a large, community-based population..
Dan Li. Gastroenterology. PRP. Ongoing.

Improving management of emergency department patients with undifferentiated syncope: prospective validation of the Canadian Syncope Risk Score .
David R. Vinson, MD. Emergency Medicine. PRP. Ongoing.

Optimization of a team-based care model for depression in psychiatry and evaluation of the Achieving Depression and Anxiety Patient-Centered Treatment (ADAPT PLUS) program as a model for immediate care delivery to outpatients with depression and anxiety.
Kathryn Erickson-Ridout, Constance Weisner, Esti Iturralde. Mental Health. PRP. Ongoing.

Optimizing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Surveillance and Intervention to Prevent Rupture.
Robert Chang, MD. Surgery Vascular. PRP. Ongoing.

Optimizing Management of Valvular Heart Disease.
Matthew Solomon, MD, PhD. Cardiology. PRP. Ongoing.

PREDICT PCCC: PREDICTing Post Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer.
T.R. Levin, Jeffrey Lee, Vincent Liu, Charles Quesenberry, Oleg Sofrygin . Gastroenterology. PRP. Ongoing.

Refining Shared Decision Making in Prostate Cancer Screening and Detection.
Joseph Presti. Urology. PRP. Ongoing.

valuating novel methods for mental health care that optimize quality and access, including communities with historical challenges in care.
Matthew Hirschtritt. Mental Health. PRP. Ongoing.

To check out the program’s most recent request for applications, click this link.