​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ongoing and Completed Projects, All Funding Mechanisms


A non-randomized prospective clinical trial comparing the non-inferiority of salpingectomy to salpingo-oophorectomy to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in BRCA 1 carriers
Christine Garica, Ramey Littell | Other | Ongoing

ACEs, Resilience, and Mental Health Support in Obstetric Care
Carey Watson | CH | Ongoing

Are isolated non-displaced ulnar fractures a marker of intimate partner violence?
Tammy Sung | CH | Ongoing

Associations between Glycemic Control Trajectories among Individuals with Gestational Diabetes and Obesity Risk and Growth Trajectories in the Offspring
Rana Chehab | CH | Ongoing

Cervical cancer in elderly
Ramey Littell | Other | Ongoing

Cervical cancer minimally invasive surgery predictors of recurrence
Ramey Littell | Other | Ongoing

Characterizing the development of cardiovascular disease in women after adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Victoria Woo | CH | Ongoing

Comparison of Preimplantation and prenatal genetic testing
Nikhil Joshi | Other | Ongoing

COVID-19 related changes in health care delivery and health outcomes among pregnant women and their newborns
Mara Greenberg, Assiamira Ferrara | DSGP | Ongoing

D&E vs IOL for medically indicated abortion
Crystal Goldsmith | Other | Ongoing

Detection of ovarian cancer by uterine lavage biomarkers
Christine Garcia | NIH | Ongoing

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Racial and Ethnic Variation of Management
Zaritsky | CH | Ongoing

Establishment of Group B streptococcal immunologic endpoints reasonably likely go predict clincal benefit against invasive disease among young infants: a multi-state case-control study
Kristi VanWinden | Other | Ongoing

Evaluating patient engagement in "KP Connected Pregnancy Care" and its association with utilization and perinatal outcomes
Mara Greenberg, Monique Hedderson | DSGP | Ongoing

Fertility preservation in women with hereditary risk for gynecologic malignancies
Christine Garcia | Other | Ongoing

Gender Affirming Chest Surgery and Hysterectomy in Transmasculine Patients: Concomitant Versus Separate Surgeries
Eve Zaritsky | Other | Ongoing

Healthcare Utilization and Complication Rate of Immediate vs 6-week Postpartum IUD Placement
Margaret Howe | Other | Ongoing

HPV self-collection
Betty Suh-Burgmann | PRP | Ongoing

Non-surgical Management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in Cervical Cancer Survivors Undergoing Primary Radiation Therapy, 2010-2020
Christine Garcia, Carrie Jung | Other | Ongoing

Outcomes following preimplantation genetic testing
Nikhil Joshi | Other | Ongoing

Pelvic Pain Disorder and Endometriosis: Patient Demographic and Healthcare System Predictors of Diagnosis and Management within Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Eve Zaritsky | CH | Ongoing

Postpartum IUDs 
Crystal Goldsmith | Other | Ongoing

Pregnancy in women with gynecologic precancer or cancer
Christine Garcia | CH | Ongoing

Remote Patient Monitoring Assessment
Mehreen Khan, Mary Reed | RAU | Ongoing

Serious endometrial cancer outcomes
Ramey Littell | Other | Ongoing

Somatic tumor testing in patients with newly diagnosed non-mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer
Christine Garcia | Other | Ongoing

Strategies to obtain family history
Bethan Powell | PCORI | Ongoing

Survival in HPV and non-HPV related cervical cancer
Christine Garcia | Other | Ongoing

The impact of ACEs and resilience on Obstetric health outcomes
Carey Watson, Cynthia Campbell | RAU | Ongoing

The Impact of Free Contraceptive Services on Pregnancy and Termination Rates
Matthew Solomon | CH | Ongoing

The utility of Bishop scores for late term inductions
Nikhil Joshi | Other | Ongoing

Utilization of risk reduction strategies in patients with Lynch syndrome
Christine Garcia | Other | Ongoing

Wellness coaching during pregnancy and maternal weight outcomes
Sylvia Badon | CH | Ongoing

Development and testing of a mobile-health (m-health) intervention tool to help obese women achieve appropriate gestational weight gain
Tracy Flanagan, Sarah Mandel, Monique Hedderson | DSGP | Completed

Effects of prenatal screening biochemical analyte levels on pregnancy outcomes
Leslie Manace Brenmann, Erica Gunderson | DSGP | Completed

Evaluate “Centering Pregnancy”, a group prenatal care program, impact on health outcomes and health care utilization. 
Joanna Stark, Lyndsay Avalos | DSGP | Completed

Evaluating Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Implementation in Cesarean Deliveries Within KPNC
Mengfei Huang, Monique Hedderson | TAP | Completed

Glyburide vs insulin for the treatment of women with gestational diabetes
Yvonee Crites, Anne Regenstein, Monique Hedderson | DSGP | Completed | View Summary

Health System-Level Physical Activity Interventions and Cardiovascular Risk in Midlife Women
Sylvia Badon | CH | Completed

Identifying Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) Use References Within Free-Text Data Fields in the Electronic Health Record
Renee Fogelberg, Kelly Young-Wolff | TAP | Completed

Is nutritional management associated with improved outcomes in pregnancy post-bariatric surgery?
Mara Greenberg, Monique Hedderson | TAP | Completed | View Summary

Outcomes Following Policy-Mandated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Admissions for Healthy Infants Born at 350/7-366/7Weeks Gestation
Andrea Wikremasinghe | CH | Completed

Prenatal Depression and Its Treatment: Effects on Child Speech and Language Disorders
Lyndsay Avalos | CH | Completed

Remote Glucose Monitoring in Pregnancies with Gestational Diabetes: Assessing Uptake and Outcomes
Mara Greenberg, Monique Hedderson | TAP | Completed

Robotic hysterectomy for benign gynecologic disease - Phase 1 feasibility
Fred Ramos, Tina Raine-Bennett, Lisa Herrinton | DSGP | Completed

Surgical referral and outcomes of standardized ultrasound reporting of adnexal masses
Betty Suh-Burgmann, Lisa Herrinton | PRP | Completed | View Summary

The Impact of California Shelter-In-Place on Incidence of Gynecologic Emergencies in a Community-Based Population
Eve Zaritsky, Andy Avins | RAU | Completed | View Summary

The relationship of robotic approach and surgical volume with outcomes of hysterectomy for benign gynecologic disease (Phase 2)
Fred Ramos, Tracy Flanagan, Lisa Herrinton | DSGP | Completed

The Timing of Adverse Events with Inpatient Misoprostol for Cervical Ripening: Implications for Outpatient Use
Vanitha Mohta, Tina Raine-Bennett | TAP | Completed

Will Standardized Treatment of Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy Decrease Rates of Anemia at Delivery and/or Rates of Post-Partum Small Volume Blood Transfusions
Justine Chang | CH | Completed