​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ongoing and Completed Projects Supported​ by DARE and Community Health Grants



Development of the Kaiser prostate cancer risk calculator; Impact of 2012 USPSTF statement on screening behavior in men >70
Joe Presti, Stacey Alexeef, Brandon Horton, Stephanie Prausnitz, Andy Avins. | PRP | Completed | View Summary

Identify predictors of pathologic complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy for muscle invasive bladder cancer.
Andrea Harzstark | CH | Completed

Impact of Metformin use on benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Gene Seto | CH | Completed

Novel KP Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator Leads to Better Selection of Men Needing a Biopsy in Those with Mild PSA Elevations
Joseph Presti, Andrew Avins | DSGP | Completed | View Summary

Prediction of Postoperative Urinary Retention in a Large Integrated Health System
Langston, Marvin PhD | CH | Completed

Prospective Validation of the Kaiser Permanente Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator
Joe Presti | CH | Completed

Significance of borderline high and high serum calcium levels in high risk kidney stone patients in a community practice. Emphasis on high normal serum calcium levels
Mark Gasparini, Stephen Van Den Eeden | TAP | Completed | View Summary

Vitamin D Supplementation and Kidney Stone Risk
Gene Seto | CH | Completed


Implementation and Evaluation of the Kaiser Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator (KPCRC) as a tool for shared-decision-making (SDM), among biopsy-naïve men
Joseph Presti | PRP | Ongoing

Incorporation of informed-decision making into the e-visit for PSA testing
Joseph Presti, Andy Avins | DSGP | Ongoing

Relationship of socio-environmental determinants of health and spatial clusters of transitional cell carcinoma
Jay Belani | CH | Ongoing