​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ongoing and Completed Projects Supported​ by DARE and Community Health Grants



A learning health care system in action: Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Gabriel Escobar, Laura Myers, Vincent Liu | DSGP | Completed | View Summary

A Prenatal Care Strategy that Included Telehealth had Similar Outcomes as In-Person Visits
Assiamira Ferrra, Mara Greenberg | DSGP | Completed | View Summary

Association Between Injected Corticosteroids and Risk for Influenza and COVID-19
Joshua Rittenberg, Julie Schmittdiel | RAU | Completed

Association of Primary Care Telemedicine Follow-Up on Post Hospital Discharge Readmission Risk Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Michael Yoo | CH | Completed

Characteristics and Clinical Trajectory of COVID-19 Patients Admitted from the Emergency Department
Reed, M. | RAU | Completed

Characteristics of ED Patients Who Test Positive for SARS-CoV-2 in a Community Health Setting
Dale Cotton, Mary Reed | RAU | Completed | View Summary

COVID-19 Complications Are Not More Common Among Immunosuppressed Populations in KPNC
Fernando Velayos, Julie Schmittdiel | RAU | Completed | View Summary

COVID-19 related changes in health care delivery and health outcomes among pregnant women and their newborns
Mara Greenberg, Assiamira Ferrara | DSGP | Completed | View Summary

Epidemiologic Analysis of Chilblains Eruptions at the time of COVID19
Patrick McCleskey. Lisa Herrinton | RAU | Completed | View Summary

Epidemiology of SARS-CoV2 Infection in Patients with Rheumatic Diseases
Lucy H Liu | CH | Completed

Evaluating the impact of cancer on COVID-19 diagnoses and outcomes
Andrea Harzstark, Julie Schmittdiel, Archana Anantharaman | RAU | Completed | View Summary

How COVID Changed Our Practice: Telehealth in TPMG Surgical Cancer Care
Gillian Kuehner , Mary Reed | RAU | Completed | View Summary

Incidence of outpatient thromboembolism in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infections
Nareg Roubinian, Julie Schmittdiel | RAU | Completed | View Summary

Mental Health Service Demand in the face of COVID-19
Kathryn Ridout, Esti Iturralde | RAU | Completed | View Summary

Outreach to Enhance COVID-19 Vaccination Among Hesitant Elderly
Tracy Lieu | DSGP | Completed

Protective effect of prior flu vaccinations against Covid-19 infection
Stephanie Lowe | CH | Completed

Rate of Endophthalmitis After Intravitreal Injection and Cataract Surgery Prior to, During, and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ali Reza Gohari | CH | Completed

Retrospective analysis of incidence and health outcomes of asthma patients with COVID-19 within a large multi-site healthcare system
Lindsay Finkas, Carlos Iribarren | TAP | Completed | View Summary

Skin cancer diagnostic accuracy by physician assistants and dermatologists in a large multi-center health system before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Peter A. Young, PA | CH | Completed

The Impact of California Shelter-In-Place on Incidence of Gynecologic Emergencies in a Community-Based Population
Eve Zaritsky, Andy Avins | RAU | Completed | View Summary

The impact of the continous positive airway pressure treatment on the patients with obstructive sleep apnea in the peri-operative period and after COVID-19 infection
Khodadad Namiranian | CH | Completed

The impact of the use of anticoagulants and antiplatelets on the risk of hospitalization and mortality in patients with COVID-19
Ashok Pai, Gwendolyn Ho, Julie Schmittdiel | RAU | Completed | View Summary

Trend in treatment location of patients with Covid-19 infection in an integrated health system
Laura Myers, Kevin Ng | TAP | Completed | View Summary


Immunity and patterns of disease exposure for COVID-19 across Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Jacek Skarbinski | PRP | Ongoing

Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-Cov-2 Infection (PASC) in Adult KPNC Members
Mary Reed, Dustin Ballard | DSGP | Ongoing