KPNC Authored Publications​, 2020 to September 2022

Hospital Medicine

A framework to understand the needs of the medical students of the future [PubMed Abstract] Mazotti LA

A Natural Language Processing-Based Approach for Identifying Hospitalizations for Worsening Heart Failure Within an Integrated Health Care Delivery System [PubMed Abstract] Ambrosy AP; Avula HR; Fitzpatrick JK; Go AS; Hardwick AB; Kheder K; Lam PH; Parikh R; Selby VN; Sung SH

Among-Hospital Variation in ICU Admission Practices and Associated Outcomes for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure [PubMed Abstract] Barreda, Fernando; Escobar, Gabriel; Liu, Vincent; Weiner, Jonathan Z

Analysis of Worsening Heart Failure Events in an Integrated Health Care System [PubMed Abstract] Ambrosy, Andrew P; Avula, Harshith R; Fitzpatrick, Jesse K; Go, Alan S; Hardwick, Alexander B; Kheder, Kevin; Lam, Phuong-Quang H; Parikh, Rishi; Selby, Van N; Sung, Sue H; Tan, Thida

Annals for Hospitalists Inpatient Notes - Internal Medicine Bedside Procedure Services: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? [PubMed Abstract] Nandan A

Art and Critique in Medicine [PubMed Abstract] Banerjee S

As Simple as Taking a Picture-How Use of QR Codes Improved Evaluation Response Rates, Documentation, and Timeliness [PubMed Abstract] Gangopadhyay A; Ramalingam ND; Tran HN

Association of Positive Fluid Balance at Discharge After Sepsis Management With 30-Day Readmission [PubMed Abstract] Ananias MP; Cheung K; Greene JD; Hammer HL; Iberti CT; Liu V; Lu Y; Martinez RA; McCarthy CM; Nemazie S; Omalley R; Reed KO; Yoo MS; Young K; Zhu S

Association of Reversal of Anticoagulation Preoperatively on 30-Day Mortality and Outcomes for Hip Fracture Surgery [PubMed Abstract] Hammer HL; Jiang S; McBride WJ; McCarthy CM; Yoo MS; Zhu S

Atypical manifestations of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-associated autoimmune thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura [PubMed Abstract] Cen D; Ho G; Law LY; Stenger JA

Biopsy of Non-tumor Sites After Biopsy of a Colorectal Cancer is not Associated With Metachronous Cancers: A Case-control Study [PubMed Abstract] Corley, Douglas; Jensen, Christopher D; Lee, Jeffrey K; Merchant, Sophie A; Sedki, Mai

Cancer Screening during COVID-19: A Perspective from NCI's PROSPR consortium [PubMed Abstract] Corley D; Sedki M; Udaltsova N

Case Report: Lactation Ketoacidosis Can Complicate the Ketogenic Diet [PubMed Abstract] Bertsch RA; Liu MC

Downstream Acute Care Utilization Following Initial Prescription of an Opioid Pain Reliever Among Emergency Department Patients With Low-Severity Conditions [PubMed Abstract] Cullen, Esme B; Graubard, Moses B; Gupta, Vibha K; Juergens, Nathan; Sax, Dana R; Wei, Julia; Weintraub, Miranda L

Evaluation of Outcomes Following Hospital-Wide Implementation of a Subcutaneous Insulin Protocol for Diabetic Ketoacidosis [PubMed Abstract] Jiang, Sheng-Fang; Katsnelson, Svetlana; Kipnis, Patricia; Liu, Vincent; Madani, Samineh; Patel, Divyesh M; Rao, Priya

Evolving the Systems-Based Practice Competency in Graduate Medical Education to Meet Patient Needs in the 21st-Century Health Care System [PubMed Abstract] Mazotti, Lindsay A

Factors associated with persistent high health care utilization in managed Medicaid [PubMed Abstract] Adams AS; Alabaster A; Banerjee S; Kipnis P

Gangrene of the Foot After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery [PubMed Abstract] Boland, Julia L; Cueva, Kristine L; Pawly, Jessica M; Shahbazi, Shahin

Healthcare Utilization Among Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19 in a Large Integrated Health System [PubMed Abstract] Yoo, Michael S

Increased Mortality in Asians With Systemic Sclerosis in Northern California [PubMed Abstract] Chung MP; Dontsi M; Kesh S; Postlethwaite DA

Increased Rates of Obstetric Complications Prior to Systemic Sclerosis Diagnosis [PubMed Abstract] Chung MP; Dontsi M; Kesh S; Manwani P; Postlethwaite DA; Zhao H

Management of hospitalized patients with mild to moderate diabetic ketoacidosis using a continuous insulin infusion protocol on a medical surgical ward and observation level of care: A retrospective cohort study [PubMed Abstract] Bohrer, Pamela; Nemazie, Siamack; Yoo, Michael S

Mixed Serous and Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary Presenting with Symptomatic Hypercalcemia: A Case Report and Clinical Considerations [PubMed Abstract] Boland JL; Shahbazi S; Wang SE

More Than Words: Reflections to Build Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic [PubMed Abstract] Chavez K; Lee DR

Outcomes After Implementation of a Benzodiazepine-Sparing Alcohol Withdrawal Order Set in an Integrated Health Care System [PubMed Abstract] Kipnis, Patricia; Liu, Vincent; Lu, Yun; Myers, Laura C; Sage, Mary E; Smith, Joshua T; Szeto, Herbert C

Outcomes in Patients With Cardiac Amyloidosis Undergoing Heart Transplantation [PubMed Abstract] Zhao H

Physician Stress Driven by Complex Patients [PubMed Abstract] Weiner JZ

Possible Precipitation of Acute Coronary Syndrome with Immune Checkpoint Blockade: A Case Report [PubMed Abstract] Liu R; Manthripragada GK; Mok KY; Tavakoli J

Randomization to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation and Endothelial Function in COPD: The COD-Fish Randomized Controlled Trial [PubMed Abstract] Thomashow MA

Risks and benefits of concurrent treatment with antiplatelet and anticoagulation therapy in post-op bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement patients [PubMed Abstract] Lapunzina PM; Mok KY; Yamada KS; Zhu S

Simulation of Inpatient Medical Critical Events for Physicians at a Community Hospital [PubMed Abstract] Doolittle, Susan J; Griffith, Carrie M; Yoo, Michael S

Skin cancer and dermatoses in a majority Hispanic population of solid organ transplant recipients [PubMed Abstract] Lee DR

Succinct Approach to Delirium in the Emergency Department [PubMed Abstract] Angel CR

Targeting acid ceramidase inhibits YAP/TAZ signaling to reduce fibrosis in mice [PubMed Abstract] Sedki M

The Relationship of Diagnosed Acne and Weight Status in Adolescent Girls [PubMed Abstract] Darbinian J; Lo JC; McCleskey PE; Mundluru SN; Ramalingam ND

The Reliability of Graduate Medical Education Quality of Care Clinical Performance Measures [PubMed Abstract] Mazotti, Lindsay A

Understanding the Uptake of Digital Technologies for Health-Related Purposes in Frail Older Adults [PubMed Abstract] Gordon N; Lee DR; Lo JC; Ramalingam ND

Using PDSA cycles to improve oral care compliance [PubMed Abstract] Patel, Vishal

Variation in fracture risk estimation among East Asian women [PubMed Abstract] Chandra M; Ettinger B; Lo JC; Nath S; Patel-Choudri M; Weintraub ML; Yang B

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