KPNC Authored Publications​, 2020 to September 2022


Applied Mathematics of Ray Tracing and Perspective Projection in Fiducial-Based Registration of X-Ray Images [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF

Are Octogenarians at Higher Risk of Complications After Elective Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery? Analysis of a Cohort of 7,880 patients from the Kaiser Permanente Spine Registry [PubMed Abstract] Guppy, Kern H; Kuo, Calvin

Coordinate Systems for Navigating Stereotactic Space: How Not to Get Lost [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF; Srivastava S

CSF Otorrhea: A Rare Presentation of Spinal Myxopapillary Ependymoma [PubMed Abstract] Efron AD

CT-guided Fibrin Glue Occlusion of Cerebrospinal Fluid-Venous Fistulas [PubMed Abstract] Mamlouk MD; Sedrak MF; Shen PY

Developing a Spinal CSF Leak Program in a Multihospital Network [PubMed Abstract] Jun P; Kanter JR; Mamlouk MD; Ochi RP; Sedrak MF; Shen PY

Does Impaired Glymphatic Drainage Cause Glymphedema? A Review Tailored to Neurocritical Care and Neurosurgery [PubMed Abstract] Akins PT; Guppy KH

Does the use of preoperative bisphosphonates in patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis affect lumbar fusion rates? Analysis from a national spine registry [PubMed Abstract] Guppy KH

Double blind randomized controlled trial of deep brain stimulation for obsessive-compulsive disorder: Clinical trial design [PubMed Abstract] Bernstein IP; Sedrak MF

Endoscopic Endonasal Transodontoid Treatment of a Ruptured Anterior Spinal Artery Aneurysm [PubMed Abstract] Cua, David J; Duong, Huy T

Impact of Chronic DMARD therapy in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis undergoing Surgery of the Craniovertebral Junction: A Multi-center Retrospective Study [PubMed Abstract] Guppy KH

Lack of progression of beta dynamics after long-term subthalamic neurostimulation [PubMed Abstract] Anderson RW

Lumbar Spine Fusion Patients See Similar Improvements in Physical Activity Level to Non-Spine Fusion Patients Following Total Hip Arthroplasty [PubMed Abstract] Guppy KH; Hinman AD; Kuo C

Monte Carlo Simulation of Errors for N-localizer Systems in Stereotactic Neurosurgery: Novel Proposals for Improvements [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF

New surgical paradigm for open neural tube defects [PubMed Abstract] Moes GS; Zovickian J

No Difference in Reoperation Rates for Adjacent Segment Disease (Operative ASD) in Posterior Cervical Fusions Stopping at C7 versus T1/T2: A cohort of 875 Patients - Part 1 [PubMed Abstract] Fennessy JH; Guppy KH

No difference in reoperation rates for nonunions (operative nonunions) in posterior cervical fusions stopping at C7 versus T1/2: a cohort of 875 patients [PubMed Abstract] Fennessy JH; Guppy KH

Novel Geometries for Stereotactic Localizers [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF

Operative Nonunion Rates in Posterolateral Lumbar Fusions: Analysis of a Cohort of 2591 Patients from a National Spine Registry [PubMed Abstract] Guppy KH; Moller DJ; Suen PW

Outcomes of a Multicenter, Prospective, Crossover, Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Subperception Spinal Cord Stimulation at ≤1.2 kHz in Previously Implanted Subjects [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF

PLF vs PLIF and the fate of L5-S1: Analysis of Operative Nonunion Rates among 3065 Patients with Lumbar Fusions from a Regional Spine Registry [PubMed Abstract] Guppy KH

PLF+PS or ALIF+PS: Which has a Lower Operative Nonunion Rate? Analysis of a Cohort of 2,061 patients from a National Spine Registry [PubMed Abstract] Guppy KH; Moller DJ; Suen PW

Resection of Olfactory Groove Meningiomas Through Unilateral vs. Bilateral Approaches: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis [PubMed Abstract] Efron AD; Reddy AV

Risk of Distal Embolization From tPA (Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator) Administration Prior to Endovascular Stroke Treatment [PubMed Abstract] Avins AL; Chan S; Cullen SP; Eaton A; Edwards NJ; Flint AC; Hsu DP; Klingman JG; Nguyen-Huynh MN; Rao VA; Reddy AV; Uong S

Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension in the Critical Patient [PubMed Abstract] Mamlouk MD; Sedrak MF; Shen PY

Spontaneous Spinal CSF Leaks Stratified by Age, Body Mass Index, and Spinal Level [PubMed Abstract] Jun, Peter; Mamlouk, Mark D; Sedrak, Mark F; Shen, Peter Y

Stereotactic Localization: From Single-Slice to Multi-Slice Registration Including a Novel Solution for Parallel Bipanels [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak, Mark F

Subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation with a multiple independent constant current-controlled device in Parkinson's disease (INTREPID): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised, sham-controlled study [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF

Successful frameless radiosurgery for glossopharyngeal neuralgia - Case report [PubMed Abstract] Chen AY; Pappas C

The V-Localizer for Stereotactic Guidance [PubMed Abstract] Sedrak MF

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