​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​KPNC Authored Publications​, 2020 to December​ 2023

Optometry / Ophthalmology

Central Retinal Artery Occlusion: Visual Outcomes from A Large Northern California Cohort [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert, Aubrey L; Patel, Amar P; Vora, Robin A | 12/26/2023 | Ophthalmology. Retina

Neurotrophic keratopathy: Clinical presentation and outcomes in 354 eyes in a community-based population [PubMed Abstract] Choi, Catherine J; Herrinton, Lisa; Liu, Liyan; Qian, Ying | 12/21/2023 | European Journal Of Ophthalmology

Autoimmune Retinopathy in a Patient with Stiff-Person Syndrome: A Case Report [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert, Aubrey L; Maloney, Maya; Patel, Amar P; Vora, Robin A | 12/19/2023 | Retinal Cases & Brief Reports

SARS-CoV-2 Parainfectious Optic Neuropathy: 3 Case Reports and a Review of the Literature [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert, Aubrey L | 12/1/2023 | Journal Of Neuro-Ophthalmology : The Official Journal Of The North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society

Ocular Surface Adverse Events are not Associated with Dupilumab use in Nasal Polyp Treatment [PubMed Abstract] Kshirsagar, Rijul S; Vu, Priscilla Q; Liang, Jonathan | 12/1/2023 | The Laryngoscope

Neuroretinitis as a Complication of Cat Scratch Disease [PubMed Abstract] Bains, Gurvijay S; Mehendale, Reshma A; Durant, Edward J | 9/1/2023 | Cureus

Creating ophthalmology experiences in undergraduate medical education: pilot of a cased-based learning ophthalmology tool [PubMed Abstract] Fredrick, Douglas R | 8/9/2023 | Bmc Medical Education

Comparison of Ophthalmologist and Large Language Model Chatbot Responses to Online Patient Eye Care Questions [PubMed Abstract] Chou, Jonathan C | 8/1/2023 | JAMA Network Open

Retinal Dialysis and Associated Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment in Patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 1: A Case Series [PubMed Abstract] Patel, Amar P; Vora, Robin A | 7/13/2023 | Retinal Cases & Brief Reports

Association of Behavioral and Clinical Risk Factors With Cataract: A Two-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study [PubMed Abstract] Sangani, Poorab K; Choquet, Helene; Jiang, Chen; Melles, Ronald | 7/3/2023 | Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

A 72-Year-Old Kidney Transplant Recipient With Visual Changes [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T; Gilbert, Aubrey L; Hwang, Thomas N | 6/1/2023 | JAMA Ophthalmology

Central Retinal Artery Occlusion: Time to Presentation and Diagnosis [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert, Aubrey L; Melles, Ronald; Patel, Amar P; Vora, Robin A | 6/1/2023 | Ophthalmology. Retina

Iris and orbital myeloid sarcoma in a pediatric patient [PubMed Abstract] Verkuil, Lana | 6/1/2023 | Journal Of Aapos : The Official Publication Of The American Association For Pediatric Ophthalmology And Strabismus

A new polygenic score for refractive error improves detection of children at risk of high myopia but not the prediction of those at risk of myopic macular degeneration [PubMed Abstract] Melles, Ronald; Choquet, Helene; Jiang, Chen | 5/1/2023 | Ebiomedicine

Development and Validation of a Diabetic Retinopathy Risk Stratification Algorithm [PubMed Abstract] Karter, Andy J; Melles, Ronald; Pimentel, Noel; Schlessinger, David; Moffet, Howard H; Sofrygin, Oleg; Thai, Khanh K | 5/1/2023 | Diabetes Care

Intrapapillary Hemorrhage and Optic Disc Drusen [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 4/1/2023 | Ophthalmology

Quantification of risk factors for diabetic retinopathy progression [PubMed Abstract] Gilliam, Lisa K; Melles, Ronald; Conell, Carol | 3/1/2023 | Acta Diabetologica

Visual Outcomes Following Plasma Exchange for Optic Neuritis: An International Multicenter Retrospective Analysis of 395 Optic Neuritis Attacks [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 2/21/2023 | American Journal Of Ophthalmology

Hydroxychloroquine Dose and Risk for Incident Retinopathy : A Cohort Study [PubMed Abstract] Melles, Ronald; Conell, Carol | 2/1/2023 | Annals Of Internal Medicine

Massage Gun Ophthalmopathy [PubMed Abstract] Hwang, Cindy S | 1/20/2023 | Ophthalmology

Characteristics of Ocular Inflammatory Side Effects Associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in a Northern California Population [PubMed Abstract] Baer, David; Melles, Ronald; Qian, Ying | 1/13/2023 | Ocular Immunology And Inflammation

A multiethnic genome-wide analysis of 19,420 individuals identifies novel loci associated with axial length and shared genetic influences with refractive error and myopia [PubMed Abstract] Melles, Ronald; Yin, Jie; Choquet, Helene; Jiang, Chen | 1/1/2023 | Frontiers In Genetics

An orbital calcific cyst following exenteration [PubMed Abstract] Greninger, Daniel A | 12/27/2022 | Orbit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

A de novo hexokinase 1 (HK1) variant presenting as Boucher-Neuhäuser syndrome [PubMed Abstract] Ku, Christine W | 12/21/2022 | American Journal Of Medical Genetics. Part A

Tilted Optic Disc and Peripapillary Hyper-reflective Ovoid Mass-Like Structure [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 12/12/2022 | Ophthalmology

Obesity is associated with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease in acute optic neuritis [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 12/9/2022 | Scientific Reports

Post-cataract surgery optic neuropathy: a chronological narrative review of the literature and speculation on pathogenesis [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 11/1/2022 | Current Opinion In Ophthalmology

Choroidal Neurofibromatosis [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 10/7/2022 | Ophthalmology

Shot in the Dark [PubMed Abstract] Bhatti, Muhammad T | 9/20/2022 | Survey Of Ophthalmology

Late Corneal Decompensation in Congenital Glaucoma with Extensive Haab Striae [PubMed Abstract] Phan, Isabella T | 9/1/2022 | Ophthalmology

Association Between Myopic Refractive Error and Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: A 2-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study [PubMed Abstract] Choquet, Helene; Jiang, Chen; Melles, Ronald; Yin, Jie | 7/28/2022 | JAMA Ophthalmology

Iris and ciliary body melanocytomas are defined by solitary GNAQ mutation without additional oncogenic alterations [PubMed Abstract] Phan, Isabella T | 7/11/2022 | Ophthalmology

Rapid Macular Thinning is an Early Indicator of Hydroxychloroquine Retinal Toxicity [PubMed Abstract] Melles, Ronald | 5/11/2022 | Ophthalmology

Detection of Leptospirosis Genome from the Aqueous Humor of a Patient with Bilateral Uveitis [PubMed Abstract] Hwang, Thomas N; Qian, Ying | 4/29/2022 | Ocular Immunology And Inflammation

Clinical and neuroradiologic characteristics in varicella zoster virus reactivation with central nervous system involvement [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert, Aubrey L | 4/16/2022 | Journal Of The Neurological Sciences

Idiopathic multifocal choroiditis with serpiginous-like peripapillary chorioretinal atrophy [PubMed Abstract] Vora, Robin A | 3/21/2022 | Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.)

A single-institution review of lacrimal gland biopsies between 1962 and 2017 [PubMed Abstract] Choi, Catherine J | 3/17/2022 | Orbit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Rescue Intravitreal Methotrexate Treatment Following Early Recognition of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy [PubMed Abstract] Vora, Robin A | 1/22/2022 | Retinal Cases & Brief Reports

Mediators of the Effect of Corneal Cross-Linking on Visual Acuity for Fungal Ulcers: A Prespecified Secondary Analysis From the Cross-Linking-Assisted Infection Reduction Trial [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer, Jennifer R | 1/17/2022 | Cornea

GWAS identifies two common loci associated with pigment dispersion syndrome/pigmentary glaucoma and implicate myopia in its development [PubMed Abstract] Choquet, Helene; Jiang, Chen; Jorgenson, Eric; Melles, Ronald | 1/11/2022 | Ophthalmology

The Safety Profile of FDA-Approved Epithelium-Off Corneal Cross-Linking in a US Community-Based Healthcare System [PubMed Abstract] Chandra, Naveen S; Darbinian, Jeanne; Holsclaw, Douglas S; Hoskins, Eliza N; Sudesh, Sudha | 1/1/2022 | Clinical Ophthalmology (Auckland, N.Z.)

Patient Experience and Satisfaction with Immediate Sequential and Delayed Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery [PubMed Abstract] Amsden LB; Carolan JA; Herrinton L; Lin A; Liu L; Shorstein NH | |

Transitioning youth with autism spectrum disorders and other special health care needs into adult primary care: A provider survey [PubMed Abstract] Ames JL; Cerros HJ; Croen LA; Massolo ML; Qian Y | |

Healthcare service utilization and cost among transition-age youth with autism spectrum disorder and other special healthcare needs [PubMed Abstract] Ames JL; Croen LA; Massolo ML; Qian Y | |

Meta-analysis of 542,934 subjects of European ancestry identifies new genes and mechanisms predisposing to refractive error and myopia [PubMed Abstract] Choquet H; Jorgenson E; Melles R; Thai KK; Yin J | |

A multi-ethnic genome-wide association study implicates collagen matrix integrity and cell differentiation pathways in keratoconus [PubMed Abstract] Choquet H; Jorgenson E; Melles R; Yin J | |

A multiethnic genome-wide analysis of 44,039 individuals identifies 41 new loci associated with central corneal thickness [PubMed Abstract] Choquet H; Jorgenson E; Melles R; Risch N; Schaefer C; Thai KK; Yin J | |

A large multiethnic GWAS meta-analysis of cataract identifies new risk loci and sex-specific effects [PubMed Abstract] Choquet H; Jorgenson E; Melles R; Yin J | |

Complications of Acute Posterior Vitreous Detachment [PubMed Abstract] Conell C; Melles R; Seider MI | |

Underdiagnosis of Isolated Systolic and Isolated Diastolic Hypertension [PubMed Abstract] Banki NM; Chan S; Conell C; Edwards NJ; Flint AC; Melles R; Rao VA; Ren XM | |

Diabetic retinopathy screening using a virtual reading center [PubMed Abstract] Conell C; Melles R; Siegner SW | |

Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 127 open-angle glaucoma loci with consistent effect across ancestries [PubMed Abstract] Choquet H; Jorgenson E; Melles R | |

Patient e-Visit Use and Outcomes for Common Symptoms in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System [PubMed Abstract] Gayre G; Huang J; Reed ME; Sievers ET | |

Endophthalmitis prophylaxis failures in patients injected with intracameral antibiotic during cataract surgery [PubMed Abstract] Carolan JA; Herrinton L; Liu L; Shorstein NH | |

Visual Outcomes After Cataract Surgery: Topical NSAID Prophylaxis Compared with Prednisolone [PubMed Abstract] Alexeeff S; Amsden LB; Carolan JA; Herrinton L; Liu L; Shorstein NH | |

Development and Validation of Machine Learning Models: Electronic Health Record Data To Predict Visual Acuity After Cataract Surgery [PubMed Abstract] Alexeeff S; Amsden LB; Carolan JA; Herrinton L; Liu L; Shorstein NH; Uong S | |

Intraocular Pressure Reduction After Phacoemulsification: A Matched Cohort Study [PubMed Abstract] Alexeeff S; Amsden LB; Carolan JA; Herrinton L; Liu L; Shorstein NH | |

Automated Extraction of Structured Data from Text Notes in the Electronic Medical Record [PubMed Abstract] Avins AL; Chan S; Flint AC; Klingman JG; Melles R; Rao VA | |

Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada-like Uveitis Followed by Melanoma-Associated Retinopathy with Focal Chorioretinal Atrophy and Choroidal Neovascularization in a Patient with Metastatic Cutaneous Melanoma [PubMed Abstract] Qian Y | |

Prevalence of Maculopathy Associated with Long-Term Pentosan Polysulfate Therapy [PubMed Abstract] Melles R; Patel AP; Vora R | |

Multiple evanescent white dot syndrome: findings from a large Northern California cohort [PubMed Abstract] Melles R; Patel AP; Vora R | |

A case of pentosan polysulfate maculopathy originally diagnosed as stargardt disease [PubMed Abstract] Melles R; Patel AP; Vora R; Yang S | |

Jet Stream Maculopathy [PubMed Abstract] Propst SK; Seider MI; Vora R | |

Evaluation of a Series of Wrong Intravitreous Injections [PubMed Abstract] Patel AP; Seider MI; Vora R; Yang S | |

Telemedicine in neuro-ophthalmology [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert AL; Ramakrishnan MS | |

Glioblastoma multiforme mimicking optic neuritis [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert AL; Ramakrishnan MS; Vora R | |

Corneal Light Scatter After Ultrathin Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Versus Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty in Descemet Endothelial Thickness Comparison Trial: A Randomized Controlled Trial [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

The Prognostic Value of Persistent Culture Positivity in Fungal Keratitis in the Mycotic Antimicrobial Localized Injection Trial [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Ocular Clinical Signs and Diagnostic Tests Most Compatible With Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca: A Latent Class Approach [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Reply [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Reply [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Reply [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Cross-Linking Assisted Infection Reduction (CLAIR): One-year Follow-up from a Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating Adjuvant Cross-Linking in the Treatment of Fungal Keratitis [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Keratoplasty Outcomes in Patients With Uveitis [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Cross-Linking Assisted Infection Reduction (CLAIR): A Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Effect of Adjuvant Cross-Linking on Bacterial Keratitis [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Overview of Neurotrophic Keratopathy and a Stage-Based Approach to Its Management [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Descemet Endothelial Thickness Comparison Trial: Two-year Results from a Randomized Trial Comparing Ultrathin Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty to Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Intraocular Lens Power Calculation in Eyes with Previous Excimer Laser Surgery for Myopia: A Report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Neuropathic Pain in the Eyes, Body, and Mouth: Insights from the Sjögren's International Collaborative Clinical Alliance [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

ACR, AAD, RDS, and AAO 2020 Joint Statement on Hydroxychloroquine Use with Respect to Retinal Toxicity [PubMed Abstract] Melles R | |

Multifocal and Accommodating Intraocular Lenses for the Treatment of Presbyopia: A Report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Predictors of Vision-Related Quality of Life After Endothelial Keratoplasty in the Descemet Endothelial Thickness Comparison Trials [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Masking Is Not Just for COVID-19 [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Expert Performance in Visual Differentiation of Bacterial and Fungal Keratitis [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Statistical Significance vs Clinical Significance-That Is the Question [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Associations Between Smoking and Primary Sjögren Syndrome Classification Using the Sjögren's International Collaborative Clinical Alliance Cohort [PubMed Abstract] Rose-Nussbaumer JR | |

Trends in congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction surgical procedures in the United States from 2003 to 2016 [PubMed Abstract] Muminovic I | |



Practice Patterns for the Treatment of Uveal Melanoma with Iodine-125 Plaque Brachytherapy: Ocular Oncology Study Consortium Report 5 [PubMed Abstract] Seider MI | |

Crystalline Lens Resorption Caused by Ciliary Body Melanoma [PubMed Abstract] Seider MI | |

Novel Guarded Needle Trans-Scleral Biopsy for Uveal Melanoma: A Pilot Study [PubMed Abstract] Seider MI | |

Bicanalicular Intubation with the Kaneka Lacriflow for Proximal Lacrimal Drainage System Stenosis [PubMed Abstract] DeParis SW | |

Rituximab for non-infectious Uveitis and Scleritis [PubMed Abstract] Sy A | |

Rituximab for treatment of non-infectious and non-malignant orbital inflammatory disease [PubMed Abstract] Sy A | |

Combined Dexamethasone Intravitreal Implant and Glaucoma Drainage Device Placement for Uveitic Glaucoma [PubMed Abstract] Kim H | |

Feasibility of asynchronous video-based telemedicine in the diagnosis and management of paediatric blepharoptosis [PubMed Abstract] Loudin NN | |

Site of Origin of the Ophthalmic Artery Influences the Risk for Retinal Versus Cerebral Embolic Events [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert AL | |

Risk of Systemic Adverse Events Following Intravitreal Bevacizumab, Ranibizumab, and Aflibercept in Routine Clinical Practice [PubMed Abstract] Maloney M | |

Steroid-sparing maintenance immunotherapy for MOG-IgG associated disorder [PubMed Abstract] Gilbert AL | |

Bilateral Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma of the Lacrimal Gland Treated With Tumor Regression After Treatment With Pembrolizumab [PubMed Abstract] Choi CJ | |

Basal Cell Carcinoma and Eccrine Porocarcinoma of the Eyelid [PubMed Abstract] Choi CJ | |

Cutaneous eyelid melanoma in an African American child [PubMed Abstract] Choi CJ; Khararjian A | |

Comment on: Effect of anti-inflammatory regimen on early postoperative inflammation after cataract surgery [PubMed Abstract] Shorstein NH | |

Cataract in the Adult Eye Preferred Practice Pattern [PubMed Abstract] Shorstein NH | |

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