KPNC Authored Publications​, 2020 to September 2022

Plastic Surgery

A Comparison of Gender-Affirming Chest Surgery in Nonbinary Versus Transmasculine Patients [PubMed Abstract] Tong WM; Yokoo KM

A study on the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary class for gender-affirming chest surgery in transmasculine and nonbinary patients and their support persons [PubMed Abstract] Lakhardt KA; Tong WM; Wenzel CF

Anatomy, Exposure, and Preparation of Recipient Vessels in Microsurgical Head and Neck Reconstruction [PubMed Abstract] Jazayeri L

Gender-Affirming Mastectomy in Transmasculine Patients: Does Obesity Increase Complications or Revisions? [PubMed Abstract] Hojilla JC; Yokoo KM

Nasal oxytocin for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and pain: achieving meaningful brain concentrations [PubMed Abstract] Jacobs DI

Sternal Reconstruction with Non-Rigid Biologic Mesh Overlay [PubMed Abstract] Ely S; Gologorsky RC; Hornik BM; Velotta JB

The Bilateral Pedicled Epilated Scrotal Flap: A Powerful Adjunctive for Creation of More Neovaginal Depth in Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty [PubMed Abstract] Salim A

Urethrographic Evaluation of Anatomic Findings and Complications after Perineal Masculinization and Phalloplasty in Transgender Patients [PubMed Abstract] Dabela-Biketi A; Li H; Mawad K; Rosenstein DI; Salim A

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