The goal for the Anesthesia Research Collaborative is to promote and facilitate anesthesia and perioperative medicine research within Kaiser Permanente and The Permanente Medical Group​​, collaborate and learn from each other and other specialty groups, and tap into the vast potential of our integrated healthcare system to improve care for our patients.

​Physicians Involved in Research

Brad Cohn, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Alex Edwards, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Eric Hunt, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Judith Hwang, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Jonathan Khersonsky, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Khodadad Namiranian, MD
Clovis Medical Offices
Serena Ng, MD
Fresno Medical Center
Kevin Ng, MD
Antioch Medical Center
Andrea Rubinstein, MD
Santa Rosa Medical Center
Mark Thoma, MD
San Francisco Medical Center
Christopher Webb, MD
South San Francisco Medical Center
Paul Weyker, MD
South San Francisco Medical Center
Catherine Whang, MD
Roseville Medical Center
Edward Yap, MD
South San Francisco Medical Center