CREST Network​

The Clinical Research on Emergency Services & Treatments (CREST) Network is a multi-center collaborative network at Kaiser Permanente that encourages, enables, and executes research in emergency medicine. Its goals are to support a cooperative platform for the emergency medicine research community, encourage quality research in emergency medicine, and disseminate evidence-based knowledge to refine current community emergency care standards.

​Physicians Involved in Research

Ongoing and Completed CREST Network Projects, All Funding Mechanisms

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome in the ED: Characteristics and Determinants of Length of Stay.
Dale Cotton . Emergency Medicine. CB. Ongoing.

Impact of Opioid Safety Initiative Education on Emergency Department Opioid Prescribing.
Mamata Kene, Mary Reed. Emergency Medicine. RAU. Ongoing.

Improving risk stratification of E.D. patients with acute heart failure: external validation of the STRATIFY tool.
Dana Sax, Mary Reed. Emergency Medicine. DSRP. Ongoing.

Improving stroke prevention for high-risk AFib by discharge redesign using electronic clinical decision support.
David Vinson, Mary Reed. Emergency Medicine. PRP. Ongoing.

KP-specific cardiac history and risk summaries: standardizing Emergency Work-ups Around Risk Data (STEWARD) Chest Pain Project - Phase 3.
Dustin Mark, Mary Reed. Emergency Medicine. DSRP. Ongoing.

Sustainability of Electronic Clinical Decision Support System Effects: an Evaluation of Two Use Cases.
Dustin Ballard . Emergency Medicine. CB. Ongoing.

Utility of Fluid Resuscitation in Low-Risk Patients with Severe Sepsis.
Todd Seigel . Emergency Medicine. CB. Ongoing.

Utilization of Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiograms at KPNC: Predictors of Higher Yield and Comparison to National Rates.
Mamata Kene . Emergency Medicine. CB. Ongoing.

Derivation and Testing of a Search Tool that Combines ICD Codes and Unstructured Clinical Data to Improve Accurate Case Identification of Emergency Department Patients with Acute Heart Failure.
Dana Sax. Emergency Medicine. CB. Completed.

Evaluating the Incidence of Contrast Associated Acute Kidney Injury in Emergency Department Patients.
Mamata Kene. Emergency Medicine. CB. Completed.

Real-time decision support algorithms for pulmonary embolism in the ED.
CREST Network, Mary Reed. Emergency Medicine. DSRP. Completed.

The Management of Stable Monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia in the Community Emergency Department Setting.
Ian McLachlin . Emergency Medicine. CB. Completed.