​The Dermatology Research Education and AcadeMic team (DREAM team) brings together various members of the specialty in an effort to increase engagement in research and improve delivery of care. Identifying top priorities in research and education allows for creation of interest groups, improved collaborations, and strategic use of resources. Current areas of focus as well as areas of development include: virtual care, skin cancer, hair disorders, pediatric dermatology, inflammatory/autoimmune disorders and delivery of care. 

​Physicians Involved in Research

Rupa Badlani, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Kerry Blacker, MD
San Francisco Medical Center
Adriane Boyle, MD
Fremont Medical Center
Chung-Yin Chan, MD
Elk Grove Big Horn Medical Offices
Elbert Chen, MD
Rancho Cordova Medical Offices
Cynthia Chen, MD
Park Shadelands Medical Offices
James Click, MD
Martinez Medical Offices
Katherine Clyman, MD
Delta Fair Medical Offices
Eric Fromer, MD
Vacaville Medical Center
Farzam Gorouhi, MD
South Sacramento Medical Center
Michael Haiman, MD
Santa Rosa Mercury Way
Sandra Han, MD
San Jose Medical Center
Christine Jacobson, MD
South San Francisco Medical Center
Lydia Kim, MD
Stockton Medical Offices
Melvin Lee, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Amara Lieberman, MD
Scotts Valley Medical Offices
Deborah Lobo, MD
South San Francisco Medical Center
Shabnam Madani, MD
Park Shadelands Medical Offices
Sangeeta Marwaha, MD
South Sacramento Medical Center
Patrick McCleskey, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Daniel Michael, MD
Park Shadelands Medical Offices
Jillian Millsop, MD
Vacaville Medical Center
Paradi Mirmirani, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Ricardo Paniagua, MD
Roseville Medical Center
Joyce Park, MD
San Jose Medical Center
Joan Paul, MD
Union City Medical Offices
Ngoc Pham, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Neha Prakash, MD
Roseville Medical Center
Amanzoopinder Samrao, MD
Stockton Medical Offices
Eunice Tsai, MD
Union City Medical Offices
Stefan Vanderweil, MD
Petaluma Medical Offices
Priya Venkatesan, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Akhil Wadhera, MD
Fremont Medical Center
Sandhya Yadav, MD
Milpitas Medical Offices
Bree Zimmerman, MD
Oakland Medical Center

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July 21/24, 2022

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Ongoing and Completed Dermatology Projects, All Funding Mechanisms

Evaluation of melanoma severity at time of diagnosis prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic in a multicenter health maintenance organization
Peter Young | CH | Ongoing

Optimizing Acne Care: What is the Impact of Isotretinoin?
Veena Vanchinathan, Andy Avins | RAU | Ongoing

A prediction score model to identify the risk of subsequent keratinocytic carcinomas
Shabnam Madani | CH | Completed

Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disease and the Risk of Skin Cancer
Gunawardane, Nilanthi D | CH | Completed

Comparison of Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidality in Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Psoriasis and the Effect of Mental Health Comorbidity on Care Utilization
Barbara Garcia, MD | CH | Completed

Determining efficacy of laser hair reduction in the management of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
Akhil Wadhera, MD | CH | Completed

Effect of availability of at-home phototherapy on the use of systemic medications for psoriasis
James Click, Amy Alabaster, Debbie Postlethwaite | CH | Completed

Epidemiologic Analysis of Chilblains Eruptions at the time of COVID19
Patrick McCleskey. Lisa Herrinton | RAU | Completed

Epidemiologic Trends in Pediatric Tinea Capitis- Data from the Northern California Kaiser Permanente Group
Paradi Mirmirani | CH | Completed

Multiple primary malignant melanomas: Incidence, characteristics, and risk factors
Megan Moore | CH | Completed

Prediction model for successful use of home narrow band ultraviolet B light for psoriasis
Katz, Ken MD | CH | Completed

Skin cancer diagnostic accuracy by physician assistants and dermatologists in a large multi-center health system before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Peter A. Young, PA | CH | Completed

Skin Disorders Associated With Obesity in Children and Adolescents
Paradi Mirmirani | CH | Completed

Tele-dermatology and care processes
Sangeeta Marwaha, Lisa Herrinton | RAU | Completed

Tele-dermatology to diagnose rash
Sangeeta Marwaha, Lisa Herrinton | DSGP | Completed

The Association of Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia and Other Fibrotic Disorders
Aman Samrao | CH | Completed