​The Medical Oncology and Hematology Service Line specialty research group is an integrative group of research-inclined physicians that assess new evidence to inform and improve clinical care. This research page is a resource to aid in organizing interested clinicians, connect those involved in data-driven inquiry, and plan next steps for data collection that can inform clinical practice change.

Physicians Involved in Research

Director of Hematology-Oncology Research: Dr. Raymond Liu

Ongoing and Completed Oncology Projects, All Funding Mechanisms

Changes in utilization, staging, and treatment after implementation of regionalized care for upper gastrointestinal cancer.
Robert Li, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Ongoing.

Evaluating outcomes and efficiency of consolidated multidisciplinary care for head and neck cancer.
Charles Meltzer, Lori Sakoda. Oncology. DSRP. Ongoing.

Evaluation of structured reporting of lung nodules detected on chest CT.
Tom Urbania, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Ongoing.

Genetic testing of women with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome.
Bethan Powell, Larry Kushi. Oncology. DSRP. Ongoing.

Implementation of a new 4R Sequence of Care plan patient tool for Breast and Lung Cancer Patients.
Raymond Liu, Nancy Gordon. Oncology. Other. Ongoing.

Rapid case ascertainment and review for bladder cancer.
Andrea Harzstark, Liyan Liu. Oncology. RAU. Ongoing.

The impact of the use of anticoagulants and antiplatelets on the risk of hospitalization and mortality in patients with COVID-19.
Ashok Pai, Julie Schmittdiel, Jenny Dusendang. Oncology. RAU. Ongoing.

Time Trends in Therapies and Outcomes for a Community-based Population of Adults with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, 2013-2017.
Lisa Law, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Ongoing.

Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Patients with Solid Tumors.
Laurel Habel. Oncology. CB. Completed.

All-Stage melanoma: rapid case ascertainment.
Tatjana Kolevska, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Assessing Adherence to Follow-Up Care After Low-Dose Computed Tomography Screening for Lung Cancer.
Lori Sakoda . Oncology. CB. Completed.

Assessing Gaps in Recommended Follow-up Surveillance for Survivors of Early-Stage Colorectal Cancer.
Lesile Manace Brenman, Devon Check. Oncology. TAP. Completed.

Assessing practice patterns and potential quality gaps in primary nodule evaluation.
Archan Shah, Dinesh Kotek, Lori Sakoda. Oncology. DSRP. Completed.

Assessing Trends in Breast Cancer Incidence, Screening and Mortality among Men: A 10-Year Observational Study of a Rare Disease..
Elizabeth Shurell Linehan . Oncology. CB. Completed.

Cancer Wizard.
David Baer, Tracy Lieu. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Efficient triaging of adnexal masses (3 phases).
Betty Suh-Burgmann, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Epithelial ovarian cancer: rapid case ascertainment.
Chunnan Liu, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Gastric cancer: rapid case ascertainment.
Yan Li, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Hodgkin's lymphomas: rapid case ascertainment.
Antoine Sayegh, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Identifying Predictors of Complete Pathologic Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer.
Andrea Harzstark. Oncology. CB. Completed.

Mesothelioma: rapid case ascertainment.
Jennifer (Marie) Suga, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Mobile health mindfulness in cancer palliative care.
Tatjana Kolevska, Yan Li, Ai Kubo. Oncology. DSRP. Completed.

Patient reported outcomes in pancreatic cancer.
Piyush Srivastava, Stephen Van Den Eeden. Oncology. DSRP. Completed.

PRognostic Information SysteM (PRISM): refinement and testing in actual practice.
David Baer,Tracy Lieu. Oncology. DSRP. Completed.

Regionalization of testicular cancer.
Andrea Harzstark, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. DSRP. Completed.

Sarcoma: rapid case ascertainment.
Minggui Pan, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

T- and NK- cell lymphomas: rapid case ascertainment.
Lisa Law, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.

Testicular cancer: rapid case ascertainment.
Andrea Harzstark, Lisa Herrinton. Oncology. RAU. Completed.


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How far will the Voyager® take us?.
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Telehealth in Oncology During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Bringing the House Call Back Virtually.
Journal of Oncology Practice. 2020 May 4.
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The associations of anthropometric, behavioural and sociodemographic factors with circulating concentrations of IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2, and IGFBP-3 in a pooled analysis of 16,024 men from 22 studies.
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Eleanor L. Watts Aurora Perez‐Cornago Paul N. Appleby Demetrius Albanes Eva Ardanaz Amanda Black H. Bas Bueno‐de‐Mesquita June M. Chan Chu Chen S.A. Paul Chubb Michael B. Cook Mélanie Deschasaux Jenny L. Donovan Dallas R. English Leon Flicker Neal D. Freedman Pilar Galan Graham G. Giles Edward L. Giovannucci Marc J. Gunter Laurel A. Habel Christel Häggström Christopher Haiman Freddie C. Hamdy Serge Hercberg Jeff M. Holly Jiaqi Huang Wen‐Yi Huang Mattias Johansson Rudolf Kaaks Tatsuhiko Kubo J. Athene Lane Tracy M. Layne Loic Le Marchand Richard M. Martin E. Jeffrey Metter Kazuya Mikami Roger L. Milne Howard A. Morris Lorelei A. Mucci David E. Neal Marian L. Neuhouser Steven E. Oliver Kim Overvad Kotaro Ozasa Valeria Pala Claire H. Pernar Michael Pollak Mari‐Anne Rowlands Catherine A. Schaefer Jeannette M. Schenk Pär Stattin Akiko Tamakoshi Elin Thysell Mathilde Touvier Antonia Trichopoulou Konstantinos K. Tsilidis Stephen K. Van Den Eeden Stephanie J. Weinstein Lynne Wilkens Bu B. Yeap Timothy J. Key Naomi E. Allen Ruth C. Travis.

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