The Radiology Quality Improvement and Research Network (RQIRN) is a group of radiology physician investigators who evaluate imaging-related clinical and translational questions in the context of Kaiser Permanente. Set in one of the world's largest integrated healthcare ecosystems, we use rigorous methods to develop data that improves imaging appropriateness and fosters radiology innovation. RQIRN focuses on priority knowledge gaps in both diagnostic imaging (X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Nuclear Imaging, Mammography) and interventional radiology that impact patient care and providers. We also provide imaging expertise for multidisciplinary collaborations, disseminate results, and develop new KP radiology investigators.

Physicians Involved in Research

​Ongoing and Completed Radiology Projects, All Funding Mechanisms

Improved selection of BRCA-negative high-risk women for breast MRI screening through validation of IBIS risk model variants.
Vignesh Arasu, Laurel Habel. Radiology. PRP. Ongoing.

Impact of Changes to Mammographic Screening Guidelines on KPNC Breast Cancer Outcomes.
Vignesh Arasu . Radiology. CB. Completed.