The purpose of the General and Vascular Surgery specialty research group is to organize research-oriented surgeons in order to stimulate collaboration and evidence based improvements in the field. Some topic areas of interest include: improving melanoma outcomes, examining outcomes for complicated diverticulitis, examining Colon ERAS data, and laparoscopic cholecystectomy management retrospective analysis. 

Physicians Involved in Research

Subhendra Banerjee, MD
Fresno Medical Center
Anatole Besman, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Robert Chang, MD
South San Francisco Medical Center
Nicole Marie Hill, MD
Fresno Medical Center
Maris Jones, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
David Kissinger, MD
South Sacramento Medical Center
Kourosh Kojouri, MD
San Jose Medical Center
Jonathon Redwine, MD
San Jose Medical Center

Ongoing and Completed Surgery Projects, All Funding Mechanisms