The Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialty Research Group is a collaboration of research-oriented physicians who seek evidence-based strategies to improve clinical care. Our group seeks to raise awareness for current research in women's health occurring in the organization, and helping to identify opportunities for research collaboration that can drive improvements in care. Some topics of interest include, ambulatory gyn care, cancer prevention/screening, intrapartum care, prenatal care, disparities in care/mental health, delivery of care, and surgical outcomes.

​Physicians Involved in Research

Emily Adams-Piper, MD
San Jose Medical Center
Karyl Andolina, MD
Rancho Cordova Medical Offices
Gyasi Askia, DO
Stockton Medical Offices
Darcy Baird, MD
Livermore Medical Offices
Lisa Bayani, NP
South Sacramento Medical Center
Otilia Braescu, MD
Sacramento Medical Center
Elizabeth Anne Donnelly, CNM
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Shawna Garguile, CNM
Modesto Medical Offices
Ruth Goldenberg, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Crystal Goldsmith, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Mara Greenberg, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Yanina Greenstein, MD
Tracy Medical Offices
Juan Guerra, MD
Pinole Medical Offices
Nidhi Gupta, MD
Fremont Medical Center
Un Hui Har, MD
Mountain View Medical Offices
Shawna Hedley, MD
San Francisco Medical Center
Peter Heinlein, MD
San Rafael Medical Center
Elizabeth Helton, CNM
South Sacramento Medical Center
Marium Holland, MD
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Esme Howard, CNM
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Margaret Howe, MD
Modesto Medical Offices
Jennifer Isaacs, MD
San Mateo Medical Offices
Jayanti Jha, MD
Fremont Medical Center
Homa Karimi, MD
Vacaville Medical Center
Simone Katz, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Michelle Khan, MD
San Leandro Medical Center
Yoojin Koh, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Samantha Krawitzky, MD
San Mateo Medical Offices
Amy Law, CNM
San Jose Medical Center
Julie Livingston, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Mindyn Longinotti, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Melinda Lorenson, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Kimberly Marjama, NP
Roseville Medical Center
Kimberly Marjama, NP
Roseville Medical Center
Alicia McCarthy, MD
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Jennifer Millis, CNM
South Sacramento Medical Center
Vanitha Mohta, MD
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Kate Morgan-Chu, CNM
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Sara Murphy, MD
Campbell Medical Offices
Karrie Murphy, MD
Skyport Medical Offices
Emily Newfield, MD
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Irina Nosovsky, NP
San Francisco Medical Center
Michael Nwynn, MD
Redwood City Medical Center
Heidi Olander, MD
San Jose Medical Center
Bethan Powell, MD
San Francisco Medical Center
Wilfredo Ramos, MD
South Sacramento Medical Center
Beth Rasmussen, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Lester Reffigee, MD
Vallejo Medical Center
Anne Regenstein, MD
San Francisco Medical Center
Kirsten Salmeen, MD
San Francisco Medical Center
Deborah St Julien, NP
San Jose Medical Center
Joanna Stark, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Roxanne Stiles-Donnelly, NP
Delta Fair Medical Offices
Betty Suh-Burgmann, MD
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Adele Szilardi, CNM
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Silvia Teran, MD
San Jose Medical Center
John Turocy, MD
Modesto Medical Offices
Nichole Tyson, MD
Roseville Medical Center
Matthew Van Der Veen, MD
Lincoln Medical Offices
Kristi Vanwinden, MD
San Leandro Medical Center
Andrew Walter, MD
Roseville Medical Center
Tomi Warren, CNM
Walnut Creek Medical Center
Catherine Watson, MD
Folsom Medical Offices
Sarah Wilson, MD
Oakland Medical Center
Miya Yamamoto, MD
San Leandro Medical Center
Eisha Zaid, MD
Santa Clara Homestead
Eve Zaritsky, MD
Oakland Medical Center

​Ongoing and Completed OB/Gyn Projects, All Funding Mechanisms

Are isolated non-displaced ulnar fractures a marker of intimate partner violence?
Tammy Sung | CH | Ongoing

Associations between Glycemic Control Trajectories among Individuals with Gestational Diabetes and Obesity Risk and Growth Trajectories in the Offspring
Rana Chehab | CH | Ongoing

Characterizing the development of cardiovascular disease in women after adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Victoria Woo | CH | Ongoing

Evaluating patient engagement in "KP Connected Pregnancy Care" and its association with utilization and perinatal outcomes
Mara Greenberg, Monique Hedderson | DSGP | Ongoing

HPV self-collection
Betty Suh-Burgmann | PRP | Ongoing

Pregnancy in women with gynecologic precancer or cancer
Christine Garcia | CH | Ongoing

Remote Glucose Monitoring in Pregnancies with Gestational Diabetes: Assessing Uptake and Outcomes
Mara Greenberg, Monique Hedderson | TAP | Ongoing

Remote Patient Monitoring Assessment
Mehreen Khan, Mary Reed | RAU | Ongoing

The impact of ACEs and resilience on Obstetric health outcomes
Carey Watson, Cynthia Campbell | RAU | Ongoing

The Impact of Free Contraceptive Services on Pregnancy and Termination Rates
Matthew Solomon | CH | Ongoing

Wellness coaching during pregnancy and maternal weight outcomes
Sylvia Badon | CH | Ongoing

ACEs, Resilience, and Mental Health Support in Obstetric Care
Carey Watson | CH | Completed

Development and testing of a mobile-health (m-health) intervention tool to help obese women achieve appropriate gestational weight gain
Tracy Flanagan, Sarah Mandel, Monique Hedderson | DSGP | Completed

Effects of prenatal screening biochemical analyte levels on pregnancy outcomes
Leslie Manace Brenmann, Erica Gunderson | DSGP | Completed

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Racial and Ethnic Variation of Management
Zaritsky | CH | Completed

Evaluate “Centering Pregnancy”, a group prenatal care program, impact on health outcomes and health care utilization. 
Joanna Stark, Lyndsay Avalos | DSGP | Completed

Evaluating Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Implementation in Cesarean Deliveries Within KPNC
Mengfei Huang, Monique Hedderson | TAP | Completed

Glyburide vs insulin for the treatment of women with gestational diabetes
Yvonee Crites, Anne Regenstein, Monique Hedderson | DSGP | Completed

Identifying Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) Use References Within Free-Text Data Fields in the Electronic Health Record
Renee Fogelberg, Kelly Young-Wolff | TAP | Completed

Is nutritional management associated with improved outcomes in pregnancy post-bariatric surgery?
Mara Greenberg, Monique Hedderson | TAP | Completed

Outcomes Following Policy-Mandated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Admissions for Healthy Infants Born at 350/7-366/7Weeks Gestation
Andrea Wikremasinghe | CH | Completed

Pelvic Pain Disorder and Endometriosis: Patient Demographic and Healthcare System Predictors of Diagnosis and Management within Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Eve Zaritsky | CH | Completed

Prenatal Depression and Its Treatment: Effects on Child Speech and Language Disorders
Lyndsay Avalos | CH | Completed

Robotic hysterectomy for benign gynecologic disease - Phase 1 feasibility
Fred Ramos, Tina Raine-Bennett, Lisa Herrinton | DSGP | Completed

Surgical referral and outcomes of standardized ultrasound reporting of adnexal masses
Betty Suh-Burgmann, Lisa Herrinton | PRP | Completed

The Impact of California Shelter-In-Place on Incidence of Gynecologic Emergencies in a Community-Based Population
Eve Zaritsky, Andy Avins | RAU | Completed

The relationship of robotic approach and surgical volume with outcomes of hysterectomy for benign gynecologic disease (Phase 2)
Fred Ramos, Tracy Flanagan, Lisa Herrinton | DSGP | Completed

The Timing of Adverse Events with Inpatient Misoprostol for Cervical Ripening: Implications for Outpatient Use
Vanitha Mohta, Tina Raine-Bennett | TAP | Completed

Will Standardized Treatment of Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy Decrease Rates of Anemia at Delivery and/or Rates of Post-Partum Small Volume Blood Transfusions
Justine Chang | CH | Completed