DARE Funding/Support

Delivery Science Grants Program

Eligible projects must have the support and collaboration of clinical program leaders. Projects are co-led by a TPMG physician and a Division of Research scientist. Funding supports projects up to 24 months in length and $275,000.

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Targeted Analysis Program

The Targeted Analysis Program (TAP) supports projects co-led by a Kaiser Permanente Division of Research scientist and a regional clinical/operational leader. Eligible projects must use existing data and be feasible within 6 months, with a budget of $40,000 or less.

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Rapid Analytics Unit

The Rapid Analytics Unit (RAU) collaborates with TPMG physicians on rapid-turnaround projects in high-priority areas. Typical projects take up to 12 months to complete and use only existing data.

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Travel and Publication Support

TPMG clinicians can request up to $2,000 annually for support when traveling to domestic meetings to present their research and up to $2,000 annually for support in submitting manuscripts for publication.

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