The Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Specialty Research Network is a multi-disciplinary group of clinician-investigators that evaluates clinically important questions to inform new treatments and new approaches for care in diseases of the pancreas, liver, biliary (gallbladder) system, stomach, small bowel, and colon.  These include inflammatory, infectious, malignant, and immune-related disorders. The group’s investigations are supported by several sources including The Permanente Medical Group, the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and private non-profit foundations. 

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​American College of Gastroenterology: Clinical Meeting and Postgraduate Course

October 24-28, 2020

​Nashville, TN

American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) annual meeting

​November 13-17, 2020

​Boston, MA

​Digestive Disease Week

May 2-5, 2020

​Chicago, IL

Recent Achievements 

A big congratulations to Theodore Levin, MD, for receiving the 2018 Sidney Garfield Exceptional Contribution Award, for colorectal screenings. His accomplishments in improving colorectal cancer screening have led to a 25% decrease in the incidence of colorectal cancer and a 50% decrease in mortality, respectively within Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

To learn more about Dr. Levin's work please follow this link to his award announcement.

Ongoing and Completed Gastroenterology Projects, All Funding Mechanisms

Comparison of risk factors, clinical behavior and prognosis of microsatellite stable vs. unstable colorectal cancers in a large diverse U.S. population
Li, Dan MD | Gastroenterology | CB | Ongoing

Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction To Inform Personalized Screening
Doug Corley, Jeff Lee | Gastroenterology | NCI | Ongoing

De-implementation of Outdated Colonoscopy Surveillance Interval Recommendations Among Patients with Low-risk Adenomas (DESIRE)
T.R. Levin, Jeffrey Lee | Gastroenterology | DSGP | Ongoing

Effectiveness of Screening for Colorectal Cancer in Average Risk Adults: Colonoscopy vs. FIT (SCOLAR2)
Doug Corley, T.R. Levin | Gastroenterology | NCI | Ongoing

Evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma management practices and patient survival within the Kaiser Permanente Northern California health care system across age, gender and racial/ethnic groups
Mukhtar, Nizar MD | Gastroenterology | CB | Ongoing

Implementation success of integrated program on hepatitis B identification, surveillance, and treatment
Krisna Chai & Joanna Ready, Andy Avins | Gastroenterology | RAU | Ongoing

Improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs in individuals with Helicobacter pylori infection in a large, community-based population
Dan Li | Gastroenterology | PRP | Ongoing

K Award
Jeff Lee | Gastroenterology | NCI | Ongoing

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Prevalence and Associated Mortality (NAFLD PAM)
Levin, Theodore R MD | Gastroenterology | CB | Ongoing

Optimization of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surveillance Protocols
Varun Saxena, Julie Schmittdiel | Gastroenterology | DSGP | Ongoing

Optimizing Colorectal Cancer Screening PREcision and Outcomes in CommunIty-baSEd Populations (PRECISE)
Doug Corley, T.R. Levin | Gastroenterology | NCI | Ongoing

PREDICT PCCC: PREDICTing Post Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer
T.R. Levin, Jeffrey Lee, Vincent Liu, Charles Quesenberry, Oleg Sofrygin | Gastroenterology | PRP | Ongoing

Retrospective Validation of MeScore for Identification of Colorectal Cancer (CRC)
Doug Corley, T.R. Levin | Gastroenterology | Industry | Ongoing

Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Patients with Diverticulitis: Is Routine Colonoscopy Warranted?
Baldawala, Tanaaz MD | Gastroenterology | CB | Ongoing

System-Level Capture of Family History Data to Assess Risk of Cancer and Provide Longitudinal Care Coordination
Doug Corley | Gastroenterology | PCORI | Ongoing

Benefits of Hepatitis C Virus Cure
Varun Saxena, Julie Schmittdiel | Gastroenterology | RAU | Completed

Evaluation of a Novel Pharmacy Program for Reducing Variation in Prescribing Biologics for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Jennifer Chan | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

Identifying the Determinants and Incidence of Colorectal Neoplasia after a Negative Colonoscopy in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Fernando Velayos | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

Impact of Colonoscopist on Diagnostic Yield of Colonoscopy in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Fernando Velayos | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

Optimization of diagnosis, surveillance of colonic sessile serrated adenomas
Dan Li, Lisa Herrinton | Gastroenterology | PRP | Completed

Prevalence of Severe Infections in Elderly Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Benjamin Hassid | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

Preventative Health Care Utilization in High Risk Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Benjamin Hassid | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

Risk of COVID-19 pandemic on immunosuppressed populations
Fernando Velayos, Julie Schmittdiel | Gastroenterology | RAU | Completed

Risk of Metachronous Advanced Neoplasia After Colonoscopic Polypectomy in Younger Patients
Gene Ma | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

The Incidence of Gastric Adenocarcinoma after Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Therapy in a Large U.S. Population
Dan Li | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed

Variable Phenotypes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Does Gender, Age and Race Play a Role?
Pauline Mysliwiec | Gastroenterology | CB | Completed